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Financing SME Growth & Innovation

Thank you for attending the FinTech 4 Business Forum

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to join us at the FinTech 4 Business Forum. We hope that you enjoyed the forum and that you were inspired to try out new financing platforms offered by fintechs. The day was full of interesting presentations, sessions and discussions. We heard about new platforms offerings secure, quick and affordable financing for small and medium sized enterprises. We hope that they day inspired you to build on this momentum, to embrace digital innovations and gave you the opportunity to voice your opinions and issues in business in front of an audience that will partner with you for change.

About the FinTech 4 Business Forum

The FinTech 4 Business Forum was established to introduce SMEs and the business community in Serbia to business solutions and alternative ways of financing offered by modern technologies in the field of finance (FinTech).

Local and international experts discussed tech solutions, trends and opportunities offered by fintech.

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Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Government of the Republic of Serbia
Ana Ivković, Vice-governor of the National Bank of Serbia
HE Kyle Scott, Ambassador of the United States of America

USAID Cooperation for Growth Project

The USAID Cooperation for Growth (USAID CFG) Project is a four-year activity designed to improve the Serbian business enabling environment to support broad-based economic growth. The project`s counterparts are from both the public and private sector through whom the project will accomplish results that drive growth opportunities for Serbian MSMEs. The project will simplify, streamline and standardize the regulatory framework for MSMEs, monitor reform implementation and provide guidance for MSME compliance. The project will also work to expand and diversify the number of financial products available to Serbian MSMEs. By facilitating improvements contributing to the predictability and stability of the business environment, the project will foster and promote a culture of ongoing public-private dialogue, trust and cooperation between regulators, financial institutions and MSMEs.