Introductory presentations

As part of her presentation “The Transformative Power of Fintech”, Marie Paoli, start-up advisor for the American company Blackbox, pointed out that it is extremely important for small businesses to be able to acquire finances easily, and in this day and age this is enabled by innovative technological solutions.

Jonathan Galea, in his presentation “The Change is Here”, reminded us which industrial revolutions have played out throughout the history, pointing out that we are now on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. Even though we are all “networked” and connected via the internet the question remains whether we really trust each other. Is information, in fact, the only thing that we trust in this new era of business operation relying more and more on machines instead of people. Blockchain is the future and blockchain technology is something which can be trusted. Along with artificial intelligence, it represents only section of the fourth revolution, and the key to blockchain technology is reliability, lower cost, transparency, elimination of intermediary and the possibility of application across all industries.