Marie Paoli


How fintech startups from the Blackbox business accelerator network in Silicon Valley have played a critical role in emerging economies across the globe.

Marie Paoli has built her career to promote entrepreneurship around the world. She led the Silicon Valley-based accelerator, Blackbox, as Director of Partnerships and Programs, where she worked with rising CEOs/founders from 44 countries to strengthen their ability to build and scale sustainable, valuable, and globally-connected companies. While at Blackbox, Marie and her team crafted a pioneering approach to startup acceleration that places special focus on the human element of entrepreneurship. She previously served under President Obama at the U.S. Department of State, where she worked on a wide range of issues and initiatives – from economic development to youth empowerment, to climate change and beyond, in which she leveraged the power of digital media storytelling and citizen diplomacy to advance U.S. foreign policy. She recently foundedPrismatic Global, a boutique consulting firm specializing in international go-to-market strategies, leadership immersions, cultural alchemy, and cross-border relationship building.