Mladen Radišić


Block.IS Accelerator – Innovate, Experiment & Commercialize

Mladen Radisic PhD is an Associate Professor at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), where he teaches Business and Finance. He has more than 70 scientific publications and he is currently a member of the scientific/reviewers board of several scientific conferences and journals. Mladen holds various positions (e.g. Project Manager of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs office in Novi Sad and Project Officer at Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Serbia, etc.) and has participated in numerous EU-funded projects (CIP/COSME, FP7/H2020, etc.). He has previous experience in disseminating large-scale projects and organization of international accelerator programs. His field of interest is financial and small business management, international projects management and currently, he holds the position of team leader at InoSens.